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Subdivision of emo and hardcore, generally having more similarities to hardcore in terms of instrumentals, but lyrics are closer to emo. Screamed or spoken-word vocals, laden over soft, proggy riffs or crashing metal madness, more the latter. Mostly dead by now, as the genre was already heavily explored in the 90's by bands such as Hot Cross, Saetia and Orchid.

Most modern (post-2000, really) bands referred to as screamo are either emocore, such as Alexisonfire and Thursday, or mall punks wearing eyeliner and trying to be scary, such as The Used and My Chemical Romance. Derision should not be layed against such mall punk bands, however, as they still have enough balls to wreck their vocal chords while singing about how they're just kids and thier lives are nightmares.
"Man, this Level-Plane screamo stuff is way too hardcore for my ears. But hot damn, those are some cool riffs." CORRECT

"The Used is a great screamo band." INCORRECT
by El Gordo July 04, 2005
What happens when you mix two-hand tapping and early shredding at 120+ bpm and throw it on a Charvel Strat ripped apart and put back together. The very beginnings of modern guitar virtuosity, and the basis upon which every shred solo written was built. The pinnacle of precise skill, speed and progression.

Also, a very kickass Van Halen song.
I just played Eruption up to speed, and now I can't peel this orange.
by El Gordo October 20, 2004
The first cigarette in a pack, which you flip filter-down and put it back in the pack. Smoked as the last in the pack, at which point you make a wish. Invalid if you burn up the front of the filter, put it out before it's time or split it with someone.
Aaah, that was a nice wish smoke. Cross your fingers that I get laid tonight.
by El Gordo October 19, 2004
One who rides a skateboard. Amount of skill is arguable, although generally being able rough out a 90 turn qualifies you. Being a skater has nothing to do with fashion, taste in music, sexual preference, manner of speaking or any of that. If you skate, you're a skater. If you dress skate, but can't, you're a poser. If you don't dress skate and don't skate, hell, you might just be normal.
Wow, check out that hot skater! Why is he wearing Adidas?
by El Gordo December 06, 2004
v. - To smoke a cigarette extremely fast, for fear of being caught by parents, teachers, siblings, or any other authorative figure.
I think I might have to powerfag this one. My dad was supposed to be home ten minutes ago.
by El Gordo October 19, 2004
Babsab is an anacronym for buy a bag smoke a bag. Used by stoners. Example: "dude, this friday, babsab at my place. Bring cheetohs."
Dude, babsab this friday at my place. Bring cheetohs."
by el gordo December 24, 2012
Tobacco rolled tightly in paper, more often than not with a filter in the back end. Yes, they're harmful and expensive, but who wants to be rolling in a few extra hundred dollars when they're 85, anyway? My favourites are Du Maurier Special Mild and Peter Jackson, although Camel Lights will do in a pinch.
Ah, fuck, I've only got my wish smoke left. Can't split it.
by El Gordo October 19, 2004

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