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The act of dragging out a relationship with someone while having dishonest intentions. This can be applied to friendships or dating. The person stringing along the victim usually is getting something selfish or one-sided out of the situation such as sex, money or attention from others. This usually ends poorly for the person being strung along. The victim is sometimes aware of the situation but does not break the cycle due to them being a tool, insecure, spineless or gaining something less from the relationship such as not being completely alone even though they are being used. People performing this act are usually Chav's.
"You still dating Janet?" "Yeah I'm going to string her along until the sex runs out." or "I'm going to keep stringing along that married guy until he stops spending money on me or his wife finds out."
by El Gallo Rojo October 16, 2007
The act of covering any region with post cum, leaving a thin and shiny film of residue not unlike that of a glazed donut. Most popular practices involve rubbing the penis over the cheek of a female (preferably) until empty and cheek covered. If the female is tan this will further assist in the glazed donut appearance. The pleasurable feeling of recent climax is also similar to the happy sensation resulting from eating large amounts of sugar (glazed donuts); this further bonds the act and term.
"Dude, I was glazing the donut on Janet and totally passed out." or "Jim was glazing the donut and I left a snail trail on the sheets. Pretty nasty"
by El Gallo Rojo October 16, 2007
Banging a girl so hard and deep you force the surrounding 'skin' to be removed (pulled out) from the center. This usually leaves the girl looking much like a skank.
"Remember that little chola from gym class? I'm going to cork the apple tonight. She'll never be the same." or "Jim corked my apple. I don't know if I can have kids!!??"
by El Gallo Rojo October 16, 2007

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