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To have sex with someone sweetly. Taking it slow and showing you care. Oppisite of fucking which is hard and rough. Most girls prefere making love over fucking but some are different. The main thing to remember when making love is to slow down, make it soft, and make her beg for more.
Guy 1: Ya i decided to make love to her last night and she wont stop calling and asking for more.
Guy 2: Ya i fucked that really hot bitch last night but i havent heard back from her.
by El Fabio April 20, 2006
A guy's penis that a girl eats.
That girl ate my man chicken last night.
by El Fabio January 24, 2006
A Kick ass guy whose name is now used in everything.
Chuck Norris is sweet but F*** anyone who uses him name to much. If u use him name once more he will spit on you and his spit will burn you in half.
guy 1:sup
guy 2: nothen
Random guy in chat room: CHUCK NORRIS
by El Fabio February 06, 2006

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