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The Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky
I photographed the morons entering the giant moron magnet to see exhibits of people in biblical times riding dinosaurs wearing saddles. They didn't know before their visit that The Flintstones was actually a documentary!
by El Duderino Supremo April 29, 2008
To brown loaf (one word): the act of leaving your unflushed crap in the toilet with the lid closed, so the next person to use the toilet is shocked and disgusted when he or she opens the lid to use it. The act of brown loafing takes commitment, as the person who brown loafs must sit through their entire crap without doing a self-courtesy flush.
I want to get my roommate back for that feather and shaving cream prank, so I'm going to brown loaf him tomorrow.
by El Duderino Supremo October 15, 2007
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