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The pace at which people walk once inside a Wal-Mart store. It is EXTREMELY slow. Often accompanied by stopping in the middle of an aisle for no fathomable reason. If a person were to Wal-Mart walk around the circumference of the globe, it would take 65,782 years to traverse.
All I had to get at Wal-Mart was one bag of dog food, but because I got stuck behind someone doing the Wal-Mart walk, it took me three hours to get out of the store.
by El Duce October 08, 2004
Through ignorance or incompetance, putting your job on someone else's shoulders.
Dude, I just got a call from someone who was talking to Mr. X, and he didn't fix the problem. Now they're bugging me about it. He mousefucked me on this one.
by El Duce February 23, 2004
A gential area that has both male and female characteristics. The combination of a penis and a pussy.
Dude, sometimes when I take a leak I do it standing up, sometimes sitting down. Having a penussy is very confusing. Stop talking about my penussy.
by El Duce November 26, 2004
Noun. A gay man who will unload a trucker's delivery in exchange for sexual favors.
The trucker didn't have a lot of time to spend unloading his haul, so he gave he lumper a blowjob so he would unload the trailer more quickly.
by El Duce November 06, 2004
Verb. The act of two large, hairy beefers bumping their big, fat hairy guts together. A very popular sport activity in the Old West.
Those two beefers are really belly bucking! Look at their bellies pressing together, I'm getting a boner looking at it!
by El Duce November 06, 2004
One who steals toilet paper from public restrooms to use at home. A desperately poor person.
Damn, bitch got fired for being a TP Thief - she got caught taking the TP from work home with her.
by El Duce September 28, 2004
Verb. Derived from perping.
To become all-consumed with perping. To get into a state where perping is all you can think of or do.
Goddamn, Liza's got on some hotpants! I'm perping her ass, oh shit, I'm perping out!
by El Duce October 06, 2004

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