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noun: 1) A person who is so full of himself and thinks of himself as cool, yet really he is a total ass.
2) A petite but (gluteus maximus).

1) The act of being cool, but just a little, and at the same time acting like a little bit like an jack-ass.

This defiinition derives from the Spanish word "culo" which means "ass" and the suffix "ito" which means "little" or "small."
n. 1)That dude is such a coolito for wearing bluetooth devices on both ears!

n. 2) That chick had a really cute coolito!

adj. 1) That was so coolito the way he was cutting farts in that yoga class!!
by El Coolito December 01, 2009
Adj. Something that is so hot, it's cool. Or vice versa.

Derived from the Spanish word "caliente" which means "hot" but the "cal" is substituted with cool.
Spring break in Cancun was so cooliente, with all of the partying we did with thos beautiful chicks.
by El Coolito December 02, 2009
In regards to male urinals, the result of pissing too close to the porceline urinal that you get pee on your hands and fingers. The "goldenfingers" is caused by the splash of the urine against the urinal.

This can also be attributed to peeing in a urinal that is too high in relation to the position of the person's crotch.
I chose the lower positioned urinal in order to avoid getting goldenfingers.

I wish they had a pee-trough rather than these urinals so I wouldn't always get goldenfingers.
by El Coolito December 03, 2009

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