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1. The past tense of the act of inserting a fist into a body cavity or orafice.

2. Getting the short end of the stick, Getting a raw deal. The extreme of getting fucked, screwed or getting the shaft, involves more discomfort on the part of the fistee.

3. Being extremely busy to an uncomfortable extent. Getting slammed or worked into the ground.
1. "He fisted her in the ass, but shes in to that sort of thing"

2. "Dude how was work?" "Shitty man, I got fisted hella bad, they demoted me to cleaning toilets."

3. "So you been busy during the christmas season?" "Ah, man we got fisted so fuckin' bad I didnt even get a chance to eat."
by El Cinnimon Crispo July 29, 2006
1. Breasts, usually large, which sag and lack perk to the point of resembling bags. Saggy or baggy tits.
"Yeah, she had real Milk bag titties." or "She have good tits?" "Nah man, she had Fuckin Milk Bags"
by El Cinnimon Crispo July 29, 2006

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