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Oral stimulation of the penis,
from Latin, literally, to suck.
My girlfriend doesn't swallow after fellatio.
by El Cid June 21, 2003
from New Latin onanismus, from Onan, son of Judah (Gen 38:9),
masturbation, coitus interruptus, self-gratification.
Jon can'g get any, so he practices onanism.
by El Cid June 21, 2003
The action of male ejaculation on a someone's ass crack and letting the sperm ski down.
I decided to give her a ski slope, so I pulled out and shot it on her ass.
by El Cid June 21, 2003
Terrible slang for got to.
Annoying to hear.
Got English?
I gotsta get off the crack and go backsta school, after I drink this fohdee.
by El Cid June 26, 2003
Teh symbolism of teh Proletarian or teh plural of moos
Teh ~ r very yammy.
Tehr r lots of ~.
by El Cid February 04, 2003
The act of a male trying to perform fellatio (oral sex) on himself. The phrase refers the facial expression made during this act.
While Jon was masturbating, he remembered the pleasure he had recieved from his first blow job, so he bent down and tried to suck on his own cock, and with all of his might, he started turning japanese.
by El Cid July 06, 2003
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