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24 definitions by El Cholo

An americanisation of the terminology for law enforce ment In this country.
Fuck the police
by El Cholo May 26, 2004
The sum of 5 English pounds. A fiver Is
blue In colour hence a bluey.
"Best gimme my goddamn change"
"heres your bluey back you bastad"
by El Cholo February 09, 2004
Similar to a P.I.M.P only wearing a mask and zip up suit. Talks less shit than a P.I.M.P even though hes used as a sex toy. Unlike a brash P.I.M.P a G.I.M.P Is generally quite passive & subservient minus the chronic stone habit.
If your rolling with me your rolling with a G.I.M.P.
by El Cholo May 27, 2004
A gentleman usually of West Indian descent expressing disapproval, fustration or just to demean another by Inhaling between his teeth and frontal dentistry- he sucks his teeth so therefore he Is.
ttttttsssssssssssssssss! ghets me.
by El Cholo January 15, 2004
West Midland term for not very good:
opposite of crackin.
"raining again ay It?"
"Ar, Its cowin out here"
by El Cholo February 02, 2004
To loiter, look around just be In the vicinity.
Im mooching for a bint
by El Cholo August 04, 2004
West midlands slang for a hammer.
"You best fuck off before I get me Omma"
by El cholo May 23, 2004