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The sum of 5 English pounds. A fiver Is
blue In colour hence a bluey.
"Best gimme my goddamn change"
"heres your bluey back you bastad"
by El Cholo February 09, 2004
An americanisation of the terminology for law enforce ment In this country.
Fuck the police
by El Cholo May 26, 2004
A gentleman usually of West Indian descent expressing disapproval, fustration or just to demean another by Inhaling between his teeth and frontal dentistry- he sucks his teeth so therefore he Is.
ttttttsssssssssssssssss! ghets me.
by El Cholo January 15, 2004
To loiter, look around just be In the vicinity.
Im mooching for a bint
by El Cholo August 04, 2004
West Midland term for not very good:
opposite of crackin.
"raining again ay It?"
"Ar, Its cowin out here"
by El Cholo February 02, 2004
Similar to a P.I.M.P only wearing a mask and zip up suit. Talks less shit than a P.I.M.P even though hes used as a sex toy. Unlike a brash P.I.M.P a G.I.M.P Is generally quite passive & subservient minus the chronic stone habit.
If your rolling with me your rolling with a G.I.M.P.
by El Cholo May 27, 2004
West midlands slang for a hammer.
"You best fuck off before I get me Omma"
by El cholo May 23, 2004

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