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Often times, students are asked to answer a question that they do not understand. Usually they sit quietly in embarrassment or say "I don't know." But some students, in their never ending quest to attain participation points, create unusual metaphors that are often unrelated to the material being covered in class.

Thus, "...like an airport..." was created. Like an airport can be used in any situation:

"What caused the current economic crisis?"

"Well, the economic crisis is like an airport, planes (or money) take off from the runway (or banks) and never come back. That causes banks to fail, thus creating an economic crisis."

As you see, the phrase "like an airport" can get a student out of any pickle.
Mr. Salty Pants-"Tim, what is the constitution about?"

Tim-"You see, the constitution is like an airport..."
by El Capitalist September 22, 2009
The act in which two individuals make physical contact by scraping their teeth together.

This cannot be done easily in a natural situation, like kissing. The two people must position their heads and mouths awkwardly, in a manner in which they can rub their teeth against anothers.

The sensation created is similar to eating with a fork, and when you pull the fork out of your mouth, it makes a distasteful "scratching" noise. The feeling may bring about numbness, hysteria, and a temporary deafness (due to the shrieking noise created when the teeth collide).

It has been said that scratching teeth may replace waterboarding as a form of torture in the near future.
Christian- "Did you hear what Justin did last night?"

Dan- "Yeah. He was totally scratching teeth with that girl from Utah. Yuck!"

Christian- "We need to get him to the nearest psychiatric ward."

Dan- "We'll do it live."
by El Capitalist June 02, 2009
Poop6 is the result of a failed attempt to write the word "people" on a classroom whiteboard.

Typically, when a student is called upon to write his answer to a question in class on the board, he pays careful attention to how he spells words. In this certain case, said student did not consider the spelling or appropriateness of his response. As a result, the word "people" was transformed into "poop6", for the entire world to see.

Immediately following the realization that a fellow classmate wrote "poop6" on the whiteboard, ridicule and hysteria from the students ensued.

Poop6 will now be forever remembered as an alternative way to spell “people”.
Dan-"Hey Tim, did Karl just write poop6 on the board?"

Tim-"I think he did. What does that even mean?"

Class-"Hahaha lolololol"
by El Capitalist September 22, 2009

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