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An exclamation of distress; a curse; used to show frustration or grievance.
I dropped something on my foot: "Gah!"
There is a large meteor about to hit me on the head: "Gah!"
A large meteor just hit me on the head: "Gah!"
by El Berto December 08, 2005
Used as a response to any question; does not require a specific definition.
Can also be used to mean: "The world is all too much. I am going to bury my head in five thousand square metres of sand."

- "Are you ok?"
- "Meh"

- "Give me your dog or I will kill you"
- "Meh"

- "I am King of all the world. Mwahahaha."
- "Meh"
by El Berto December 08, 2005
Used to advise somebody to be quite;
Encouraging somebody to stop talking;
Expressing frustration at another's words or actions
Pronounced "Pssch"
-"I'm write, you're wrong."
by El Berto December 08, 2005

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