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A mental illness frequently suffered by baseball fans from Brooklyn and Queens, NY.

Symptoms include draping oneself in blue and orange, having delusions of winning the world series and the most frequent and dangerous symptom, choking in the month of September.
I guess that Mets fan is too retarded to figure out his team will never win.
by ekt8750 June 05, 2009
Fat Pig.
"Hey don't invite the Yankees fans over, they'll eat all the food"
by ekt8750 June 05, 2009
Any athlete or sports team that does not live up to the hype that is bestowed upon them.
The Duke Men's Basketball team are such frauds for the performance they put up in their Sweet 16 game after being given a 2 seed in the tournament.
by ekt8750 March 27, 2009
Programing on satellite TV.
Yo I just cause an awesome late night ballgame up on the bird.
by ekt8750 April 09, 2010
When you're really broke but you absolutely need something so start gathering large amounts loose coins.
I had to scrape nickels together to buy lunch today after left mine at home.
by ekt8750 March 01, 2010
See piss.
So I had an Iron City Beer while I was in Pittsburgh and it felt like I drank a bottle of fermented piss.
by Ekt8750 June 19, 2011

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