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1 definition by Ekatarina

For anyone who might not be familiar with the term MISHA, it was coined by author Barry Eisler. The term began as a joke. It's an acronym that stands for "the Marital Infidelity Safe Harbour Act". Essentially it`s a list of no more than 5 people whom you have lusted after for so long or so strongly that if the opportunity ever arrose to have a roll in the hay with them, your significant other couldn`t object....They have to give you a pass this one time, because the person in question is on your list.

There are only two rules. 1) No more than 5 on the list at any one time. If you want to add a 6th, you`re gonna have to bump someone else off the list. 2) You can`t put people you actually know on the list. Your wife probably wouldn`t stress out knowing that you lust over Catherine Zeta Jones......She will get upset hearing you say that you lust after your kid`s piano teacher or the cute cashier at the market.
For example my MISHA list might include:

1. Brad Pitt
2. Gerard Butler
3. Terrence Howard
4. Matthew MacFadyen
5. Chris Daughtry

If I felt the need to add, say, Alan Rickman, I would have to boot someone off the existing list since there can be only 5 people max.
by Ekatarina October 05, 2010