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When a guy wakes up with a woody in his pants.(Really hard to get rid of.)
"Giovanni how do you get rid of morning wood."-Enrique
"I look at a picture of your mom..."-Giovanni
"Fuck off."- Enrique
"Let me finish then I jack off, cause your moms a MILF."-Giovanni
"You're a ass."-Enrique
by Ej the prp April 17, 2008
A random ass boner in school.
"Dude that sub in gym is so hot I got a mid school boner." - Enrique
"Dude so did she, that was a guy."- Giovanni
"Queer."- Giovanni
by EJ the prp April 16, 2008
1.Shitty Player Award
2.That one player that always fucks up a good play.
"Nice play Enrique trying to hold the SPA for the third year in the row."-Giovanni
"Shut up."-Enrique
by Ej the prp April 17, 2008

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