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A pretentious person with money, youth and a sense of cultural and intellectual superiority.
A Yuppie Hipster if you will.

People who try to be cool for the sake of feeling superiority. Makes hipsters look bad (if that is possible). Lacking in humor, overcompensating by
mean spirited sarcasm and Irony.
Usually strung out on Coke & Coffee.
Me: I spend too much time on clothes and old records. procrastination issues.

Hipster: I make Ironic tee-shirts at star-bucks with a macbook air wearing converse (see nike) listening to 'indie' (see adult contemporary), while pretening to be anti-commercialism. I also hate you peronaly for being boring.

Hypster: I work in a fortune 500, too uncouth too be a pseudo-intellectual, too hateful to be new age/alt. I listen to what hipsters with garageband who abuse the bit-crusher filter spin on over priced clubs while being so strung out on coke I actually think I'm and individual. I wax dicks for horse ironically. And I still am arrogant enough to feel better than you.
by Eivind July 10, 2008
gangster rap is
a form of story telling, much like Quintin Tarrentino movies.
gangster rap is from the Westcoast of America in 1980s. With themes as;

*sexual conquest
*and life in the slums

gangster rap is sadly emulated by brats and kiddies, who need to grow a pair and grow out of it. Useally with funk/backbeat acompany.
"onetime tried to get my crome I said: yo! its on!"
B-real, cypress hill.

Gangster rap is for entertainment not emualtion
by Eivind January 13, 2006

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