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1.Writer for SomethingAwful
2.Term one can use for things of utter horsecock, to sound 'hip', 'fresh', and 'wit' 'it'.
Lawyer: "Your honor, the defense is full of Spokker Jones!"
by Ein September 26, 2004
Area where which a streetgang calls it's own (neighborhood)
This is our turf, get the h*ll out!
by ein July 21, 2003
also, "ol' doobuddy" or "old dobuddy" never "ol' duebuddy"

An impersonal reference to an individual (georgia colliquial) similar to 'dude' 'bro' or 'man.' Reasonable substitute for the increasingly arcane "dubromanguy."
ask ol' dobuddy over there.
by ein July 29, 2004
Over Gold. Used to refer to someone wearing enough gold to kill them.
See Mr T.
"That motherfucka just won the lottery, he's gonna totaly og"
by Ein December 30, 2004

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