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A type of scratching that involves rapid cutting with the crossfader and takes months to master. DJ Qbertand the X-cuitoners' tracks are a good example of a crabbing.
DJ Qbert uses crabbing in alot of his mixes. Crabbing is a good way to win in a DJ battle.
by Eian Greene June 04, 2005
when you can hera a person or a computer's modem on another line, only you can hear it on your line too. Crosstalk is when another signal on another line is induced onto your line. Crosstalk happens whenever wires in a telephone cable are not twisted/twisted loosely, also happened on telegraph lines earlier in this century (1900's)
I can clearly make out a neighbors conversation because of the cross-talk on the line.
by Eian Greene June 04, 2005
A glass or porcelain device used on powerlines used to keep electricity on the line instead of going straight to ground.
Insulators are what keep you lights on unless your cousin out east likes to shoot at them.
by Eian Greene June 04, 2005

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