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1 definition by Ehmbur

Greatest show of all time to air on nick, and is not anime. Here's why.

1- avatar is not anime. Anime is anime, and it sucks donkey ass.

2- all the chicks in avatar are sexy and badass. All the chicks in anime are whiney and useless.

3- in avatar, outfits and hairdos make some kind of sense and the characters don't look like a bunch of douche-bags.

4- everyone wants to fuck katara, and no one wants to fuck a chicken-legged eleven year old cry-baby with pink hair (ie. every girl in anime)
5- avatar has a great plot, interesting characters, and humor interspersed with a whole lot of fucking awesome. anime has ready-made porn stars.

6-anime is fucking hilarious, but not on purpose.

7- watching anime is like watching fifty original series captain kirks interact with each other. Just calm the fuck down already!
Jane: what the fuck is this? The plot makes sense, it's funny, the characters are awesome, the fight scenes aren't boring and long as fuck... This can't be anime!
Jack: it's not, it's avatar the last airbender.
by Ehmbur August 16, 2011
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