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2 definitions by Ehipassiko

An individual whose perspective is shaped through a single gender gestalt.
Person A: Men are assholes!
Person B: Women are bitches!
Person A & B: Transgender people are sick.
Person C: You two monogender idiots are lame.
by Ehipassiko August 30, 2010
Cisgenderism is a prejudice similar to racism and sexism. It denies, ignores, denigrates, or stigmatizes non-cisgender forms of expression, sexual activity, behavior, relationship, or community. Cisgenderism exists in everyone — transgender individuals as well as cisgender individuals alike — because almost everyone is brought up in a predominately cisgender society that has little or no positive recognition of non-cisgender behavior, identity and/or experience.
The boss was accused of cisgenderism when he fired a transgender employee because he felt the transgender worker would be a distraction to other employees.
by ehipassiko November 30, 2011