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3 definitions by Egosgame

To expell wind directly from one's anus into the anus of a third party, for means of sexual gratification
Last night was amazing, she totally gave me a windy poopdeck
by Egosgame January 21, 2009
To insert a single testicle into another persons anus
Would you like a chocolate covered brazil?
by Egosgame January 21, 2009
A variation on the Angry Pirate, where instead of a shin kicking ending, the lady simply ducks to the side at a timely moment to enable her "parrot" - or shoulder - to take the brunt of the exchange, at which point she must squawk "pieces of eight" and smile as you would if you had a beak
I was totally going to give her an Angry Pirate but the bitch ducked, so I gave her a Happy Parrot instead.
by Egosgame January 21, 2009