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The chode is the area between your penis, and your ballsack. Its also called Taint, Grundle, or... CHODE! The chode is also the area in which the body creates "Monkey Nut" butter. This area is extra sensive and should be nibbled upon, gently.
I stuck my hand down my pants, and used my index finger to remove monkey nut butter from my chode. It smelt like butter popcorn.
by Egon Strangler December 13, 2003
This is a tube usualy made of glass, 10 inches long and 4 inches in circumfrence. There are also designer tit tubes made by designers know as, Purple Death, Breast Sock 56, and Cuffle Pull. Women stuff their breasts into these tubes to give their breasts a more stylish look, and resembles a sock.
I gave my breasts a fantastic look, they look just like my grandfathers tube socks!
by Egon Strangler December 13, 2003
This is what happens when a man doesn't shower for a days. A crust forms underneath the scrotum, which can be used for spreading on toast, on our grandmothers lips.
Today I reached under my nut sack, and retrived a healthy amount of monkey nut cream.
by Egon Strangler December 13, 2003
Another word for a penis.
My father forced his fist into my asshole without lubrication. It was most unpleasant. It tore the walls of my asshole, causing internal bleeding. To stop him from grasping my lung, i proceeded to bite his Meat Tooth, until it was completely severed.
by Egon Strangler December 13, 2003

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