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The backstop for a target, as for archery, pistol or rifle shooting. Not to be confused with the part of the stock of a rifle or crossbow that contacts the shoulder of the shooter.
Did you secure the target to the butt? Fine, then let's start shooting.

Raise the butt to your shoulder and take aim at the butt area; exhale slowly and steadily squeeze the trigger as the bull passes through the sight.
by Egon Spengler June 03, 2005
Disgusting and thoroughly unpleasant.
"Most people would find the concept of smegma particularly squickable." "You are nothing more than a squickable choad."
by Egon Spengler April 17, 2005
Newfoundland English term (archaic) for choke.
Billy swallered a big chicken bone and glutched on 'n.
by Egon Spengler August 21, 2005
The sound made by a domestic shorthair cat, particularly one named Kira. Commonly thought to be meow, but that is only to the untrained ear. Thought to be the feline attempt to pronounce English words.

"What's that? You need fresh water?"


"Food, then?"


"Oh, the litter's dirty. I'll have the teenager clean that up for you."


"You're welcome."
by Egon Spengler March 17, 2006
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