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behavior that not only violates contextual standards of decorum, but does so in a manner that is absurd and frequently hilarious (at least to observers); derived from the phrase GYM ETIQUETTE, ethical or socially appropriate conduct, procedure, or decorum in the gym or exercise setting. Alternate spellings: gymetiquette, gemetiquet, gemetiket, jemetiquet, jemetiquette, j’metiquet, j’metiquette.
1. When the egomaniacal bodybuilder who never re-racks the weights correctly is caught fondling his girlfriend’s thong while they admire some nuance of their musculature in the gym mirrors as if no one else is in the room, another lifter might utter "That's not good gymetiquette." 2. When taking the cute boy who works at the bank out for a first date, if you order mountain oysters from the menu, he might suggest that "Calf fries on a first date are NOT good j'metiquette" before deleting your number from his cell phone. 3. If a person sits in the front row of an LSAT wearing nothing over his nether bits but a loose-fitting pair of cut-offs, the proctor might scribble "Gymetiquette fail" on the top of his exam. 4. When settling in for a friendly game of poker, if one of the players insists on licking every card, the other players might mutter, "that ain't proper gymetiquette," before throwing pork rinds at the card-licker.
by Eglentyne April 28, 2011

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