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Airsoft is a game played by people from all walks of life, contrary to popular belief that it's only played by people who can't join the military but would like to. Time to debunk some myths!

Myth: BB's don't hurt

Truth: This is opinion, to me they don't hurt that bad, to other people, they hurt like a bitch, it's all about pain tolerance.

Myth: Only older people and military obsessed nerds play airsoft!

Truth: Also not true, Me, being 15, and having no desire to join the military play with mostly kids my age with the same opinions.

Myth: Airsoft is cheap and the guns are unreliable!

Truth: Compared to Paintball, Airsoft IS relatively cheap, BUT the guns are everything but unreliable, unless you're buying from Wal-mart. A good gun will run you about $100-200, a sidearm will go about $25-40 and BB's are about $5 for 10,000 of them.

Airsoft guns also fire on average about 350 FPS, that's alot for a little plastic pellet, one of my buddies once started bleeding from being shot with an Airsoft sniper.
"Airsofter: Wanna play some Airsoft?"

"Airsoft hater: Airsoft sucks, it's for pussies who can't join the military, Go suck a dick!"

"Airsofter, to a more reasonable and rational human being: Wanna play some Airsoft?"

"Rational Human being: "Sure, it sounds fun!"
by Eggsnham December 01, 2009

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