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"Popcorn logic" refers to things that make sense when you are watching a film or TV show, but the minute you actually think about them they are completely absurd.
Eggers: Jack Bauer shot that guy 17 times through the lungs and he is still alive.
Fusto: That's popcorn logic for ya!
by Eggers07 June 21, 2007
Added to the end of a word to suggest that the word is done without much thought and doesn't/didn't require much actual skill or effort. Derived from the Paint-By-Numbers that we all enjoyed during our childhood.
Troilus: Wow, Eggers is sure using some sweet moves on that chick Rebomblette!
Fusto: Nah, she'll see right through him - it's just nice-guy-by-numbers.
by Eggers07 December 12, 2007
instant, easy, not well-thought out. applies to viewpoints and opinions in particular
Last night my mate Turok was spouting his flimsy, boil-in-the-bag political opinions about the war
by Eggers07 October 21, 2007
entertainment that fails to entertain
"Steps into Summer" is untertainment at its very finest, and will be warmly welcomed by those who watch TV with a shotgun in their mouth, trying to pluck up the courage.
(as quoted from TV critic Charlie Brooker)
by Eggers07 January 14, 2008
Someone or something that is hot/ace but often overlooked.
Fusto: "That Chloe is properly Zinc, I've not really noticed her before."

Mario: "I've now realised those green shells are actually a godsend! What a zinc byproduct of killing turtles!
by Eggers07 November 27, 2007
A parrot man is someone who is only known for one thing. It refers to someone with a gimmick, who loses all attention when he loses his gimmick.
It is based on Hale and Pace's story of a man who regularly took his parrot to a bar and was wildly popular. One day he showed up without the parrot, to find no one cared about him.
One should be careful not to become a Parrot Man.
Eggers: Hey, why don't you whip out your harp and play us all a tune, buddy.
Feral Meryl: I'm not going to play it every time we're in da club, I don't want to become a Parrot Man.
by Eggers07 March 23, 2008
the long-winded version of events, going into every detail
Eggers: My date with Griggletta last night went well
Fusto: Oh, tell me more about it!
Eggers: OK, do you want the short version or the dinnerbook version
by Eggers07 February 19, 2008

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