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1. Some device, mechanical or otherwise that is so nigger rigged, that the device is either non function or requires constant fixing, yet somehow works.

2. A relationship that is only going to last long enough for the semester. Mostly used in high school or college.

3. Worse than nigger rigged.
Tommy: How in the world is your computer still working?
Jim: I Grim rigged it.
Tommy: How?
Jim: I've got the power cord from the old desktop going from the wall to the strip and the power strip apart to use prongs into a usb back to the original power cord. That other wire you see there is the screen, it projects into this little lazer thingy from my tv remote and that goes into the tv. Then i've got the keyboard from your old computer here. I've still got the original mouse, but it's duct taped together.
by Eg Grimace July 30, 2010
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