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The Best and funniest character of the awesome internet series red vs blue, sometimes known for his big tank lady girlfriend, sheila.
Caboose: SHEILA!!!NOOO!!!
Tucker:No! Sheila! Shiela!!....wait..whos sheila
Caboose:She was the lady in the tank, she was my friend
Tucker:Dude! I knew you could pick up chicks in the tank!
by Eg May 15, 2004
A loser type person, some dumb prick-type. A general jerk. Not to be confused with "Dickhead", although "Dickalis" of course is rooted in the word "Dick."
"That guy that asks stupid questions is a Dickalis."
by EG May 15, 2003
ohh, son you real real bad or gay, as gaybashing putdown
you bitchassmotherfuckingcocksuckingbastardasshithead, go home now, fo' i blast yo mama's head
by eg November 20, 2003

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