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When you and your friends all jizz in a bucket and the last one to cum has to place the bucket over their head.
Jimmy: Oh no pops, I came last, I don't like Jucketing...

Jimmy's Pops: Well you have to put the bucket over your head then, son.
by Efronfan1337 July 09, 2009
(Rhymes with Henry)
When you have a large amount of money, though not huge amounts. It would be inbetween say $100 and $100,000. It is usually in cash.
Jeff: Yo fellas! I just made a blenry at the races!

Phil: Yo yo yo!

Jimmy's Pops: Yo Jimmy, check out this free online mmorpg!

Jimmy: Quite the Blenry Earner
by EfronFan1337 July 15, 2008
Someone who eats the crusty faeces out of an unwhiped anal cavity.
Jimmy: But daddy I don't wanna...

Jimmy's Pops: Shut up and be mah corn scraper son!
by Efronfan1337 July 09, 2009
A rare oddity, a Nigger with a small dick.
Jimmy: Phil showed me his pee pee, daddy.

Jimmy's Pops: I wouldn't have thought it was very big, I heard he was a Shizzlenig
by Efronfan1337 July 09, 2009
A big fat black guy who is usually a total badass, he can usually beat anyone in a fight, the unknown thing about him is that he is also a pedophile.
Jimmy: Oh yo yo yo, Phil is so tough!

Jimmy's pops: you may think he's tough, but he's a fattyblackenstein.. Stay away from him Jimmy.
by Efronfan1337 July 09, 2009

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