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Sex Addicts Anonymous
Chump A: Man, I just paid the whore at the street corner for a handy with the last dime bag we've got... This urge just grow on me, I hate it but I love the moment when I was on the edge.

Chump B: Fuck. That's my last dime bag! Get some help, call the SAA in the morning.

Chump A: What? Is still dark outside? Let me take another walk in the hood.

(Walking in from front door)
Chump C: Dude! You wouldn't believe this! I found this wig in the dumpster and put it on. Then this fucker walk up to me said he got a dime bag and need a tug, and I was like 'Sure, we ran out anyway'...

Chump B: ...

Chump A: Phone! NOW!
by EffGee November 03, 2009
The same kind of 'Fat cat'. Meaning a person became rich in wealth by leeching on poorers.
They are mostly White, Republican, and upper-middle age. The most infamous of all, Richard Bruce "Dick" Cheney, currently the Vice President of the United State of American(aka Advisor of Halliburton). Running our puppet President on a leash like his own personal bitch.
Jon Stewart of The Daily Show: Fat cats and Crumbums

Fat cat is slang term which describes a rich, greedy person who, due to ownership of large amounts of capital, is able to "live easy" off the work of others. Often, those labeled "fat cats" will reap a sustantial financial gain from a business, while the business itself, and the people who are employed by it, do not. The term is also sometimes used to refer disparagingly to wealthy contributors to a political campaign. The term stems off from the fact that since rich people can buy a lot of food, they both tend to resemble each other, the owner and the cat, in girth of waist, haughtiness, and a holier-than-thou attitude.

-Courtesy of Wikipedia-
by EffGee July 02, 2006

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