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acronym: Dance Related Injury. Refers to any injury inflicted or received while dancing. Minor injuries include strained or pulled muscles from dipping it too low and dropping it too hot. More severe injuries come from broken glass on the dance floor, thrown 'bows (elbows) to the face and backing up way too much ass.
Audra: "Did you hear Angela got 7 stitches?!"
Charlotte: "No, what happened?"
Audra: "It was a DRI. Some jack wagon dropped a glass on the dance floor and it sliced her hoof open."
by EehayJay April 27, 2011
the face that is made when you laugh but no sound comes out- the laugh is completely unexpected. These moments are often caught on camera, but never "tagged" on facebook because you look hideous. Made famous by the website madgeparty.com
Dude 1: "Man, Jacob was so funny last night that I had madge face all night!"

Dude 2: "Better go untag yourself bro."

Girl 1: "Man, Anne Hathaway totally madged at Kirk Douglas' jokes."

Girl 2: "Best part of the Oscars."
by Eehayjay March 21, 2011

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