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aXXo is a one wo/man DVD ripping group. Possibly based somewhere in the US considering most of the DVD rips he/she/it releases are from an NTSC source. aXXo has been releasing DVD rips since late 2005, and to date has released almost 400 separate movies. These movies are initially distributed via the file sharing protocol BitTorrent.

aXXo only ever releases Full DVDRIPs, never Screeners or CAMs. The aXXo name has become synonymous with quality, and s/he has amassed a large group of fans. aXXo rips are usually released some months prior to the official DVD release date.

Some people have criticized aXXo for only releasing 7-900MB rips, claiming that the quality is inferior to 1.4GB rips. It has also been claimed that aXXo does not actually obtain the DVDs s/he rips, but simply re-encodes releases from other RGs such as DiAMOND.

Near the end of December 2006, aXXo temporarily stopped releasing due to a dispute with a site that was using aXXo's name without permission, possibly gaining money from advertising. aXXo returned a month later however, following a backlash against the site in question which subsequently agreed to change it's name.

There are frequently attempts to imitate aXXo's work from groups releasing their own movies using aXXo's name. Such attempts are usually identifiable by discrepancies between the format of the suspect files and aXXo's consistent release style.

aXXo him/herself is somewhat enigmatic, revealing nothing about themselves and rarely replying to questions or compliments in forums. aXXo is a moderator in the darksideRG forum, where s/he has their own forum dedicated to their releases.
Search "aXXo" on any large BitTorrent search engine.
by Eefera March 23, 2007
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