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To stop grounding someone. To let someone have social interact.
To stop punishing someone.
How can I get disgrounded? My mom grounded me yesterday for not doing my homework.

I will disground my little son so he could watch TV since tomorrow.

I will not disground you till next month because you keep disobeying.
#disground #disgrounded #disgrounding #disgrounds #disgroundment
by Edwin P Yerman June 29, 2013
To stop giving authorization to someone or some company to review your own interests, accounts etc.

To remove authorization from somebody who already had one.
1. I would like to disauthorize my attorney in this case due to I just gave up the lawsuit.

2. I have already disauthorized my mother and father from my mortgage company because when they were authorized on my account they would be just bugging me to make my mortgage payments on time.
#disauthorize #authorize #unauthorized #disauthorized #disauthorizing
by Edwin P Yerman June 29, 2013
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