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The passenger brake is the nonexistant brake pedal located on the floor of the passenger (shotgun) side of the front seat of your car.

It is used instinctively by the passenger when the driver is driving insanely too fast, and the car needs to come quickly to a stop, which may not seem very possible at that particular moment.

It is sometimes used in conjunction with the OH SHIT handle by the passenger door.
Doris was using her passenger brake all the freaking way here. She's the one who made us late getting started from home by taking so long to get herself ready! I was just trying to make up some time getting through traffic...
by Edward in Oil City November 01, 2007
When a midget on roller skates wears all your clothes and you pull him through the airport. From Stefon to Seth Meyers on SNL, season 36, episode 15.
Stefon was so late in packing for his trip to Key West, he had to use a Human Suitcase to get his shit together.
by Edward in Oil City February 13, 2011
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