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shortcut key for nearly all Windows Operating Systems to Close the active window or application.
Also used as an insulting tool by the 1337 or l33t people to have a bad/angry gamers, aka noob, to trick them to quit the game.
friend: dude, how do I quit this?
me: hold 'Alt' and press the 'F4' key at the top of the keyboard.

l33t: to fix the lag, hold Alt and press F4
<random noobs log out>
l33t: sweet, less lag...works all the time.
by Edward Evil, CEO of Evil INC November 16, 2004
this is more like a gag joke that was started recently at my college.

place to cite sources that you have made up.
Edward: Everybody knows that 94.6% of all precentages are made up on the spot, my source is makeshitup.com.

Class: <LOL>
Teacher: Good argument.
by Edward Evil, CEO of Evil INC November 16, 2004

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