2 definitions by Edward Beck

A female or feminine Emo

A Gay Emo mixed with faggot. Also See gemo

A Geeky Emo.

A Fat Emo.

A French Emo. Which makes this person gay.

Jordan Rose.

Foreskin on a fat mans dick.
Hey Nancy Pelosi is in Syria, Man she's a Femo.

Jordan is cutting himself to "Its raining men", he's a real Emo.

George Bush hates Femos.
by Edward Beck April 28, 2007
A total state of confusion a social disconnection.
A game that one day you will start, the next, its 2 years later.
Side effects may include loss of weight, socially disabled, Anal Leakage, Skin becomes pale, Shitting and pissing into a bottle, Oilly discharge, Eating roman noodles every night, withdrawal, loss of sex drive, Excessive masterbation, Destruction of your mind, and finally it may (although rare) cause you to find fat people attractive.
When I played Oblivion, I felt compelled to masterbate.

Man, I thought Rosie O'Donnell was hot when I played Oblivion.

by Edward Beck April 28, 2007

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