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1 definition by Educated Researcher

1) Terminating a pregnancy
-legal before the baby can survive on it's own
-Murder? yes. one example-Partial birth abortion (when the doctor takes the baby and turns it around. head not out of womb= abortion not infanticide according to practicioners) THIS IS MURDER.
-Demographic: Surprisingly most women who receive abortions are middle aged middle class-rich women, not teenage irresponsable whores
-Psychological effects: Major. Although only 10-20% of teenage slutty whores experience guilt, most women have some guilt, while another 15-20% get deep depression. most mothers experience repeated nightmares where they hear the aborted baby crying etc.
-exceptions? legally rape, incest , health risks, psychological risks. But many/ most women who abort+doctors who perform abortions take advantage of the exceptions. ex: A woman will threaten suicide to get an abortion for psychological health safety, but statistically pregnant women generally don't commit suicide. Or the woman can lie and say their cousin did it or they got raped. in reality only 7% go under the exceptions.

all in all: bad for irresponsible fuckers+liars/lazy parents/ poor people, but good for the occaisional TRUE exceptions
Limit one abortion per lifetime no matter how many times you got "raped"
by Educated Researcher October 27, 2005