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A person who is against hatred, bigotry, and violence towards women. This curious type wears facepaint and hatchetgear as a way to express ones individuality. Some juggalos are, sadly, homeless drug addicts. These people who say that juggalos are uneducated peices of shit are really the ones who are uneducated. I am a 3.5 GPA student in college with a job and a family and I am far from uneducated. You can not pick the bad ones and group the rest in with them, there is a BIG difference. We listen to ICP and other psychopathic recording artist but we do not worship them and the message in the music is about GOD and anti-bigotry. Open your ears mutha facko!
that juggalo really stood up for that woman when her husband was beating up on her.
by Educated Juggalo August 20, 2010

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