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The Scale that shows how scotchy someone is. At the top of the scale is the Scotchy Mother, then Pork Scotch. The Meter shows that no one in the Scotchy World is as Scotchy as The Scotchy Mother. She is even more scotchy than THE Pork Scotch.
Scotchy Mother: I'm the Scotchiest person in the world. The Scotchy Meter says so. I'm even Scotchier than my son, he'll never beat me.

Pork Scotch: Yes I will, Mum. Don't forget I'm a Koala.
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 28, 2009
Also known as Axl. The retarded singer in the same band as Goosetard. He has an awful and high singing voice and likes to have goose fits with Goosetard while making people's ears bleed.
Spaxl: Come on Adam lets do some powerslides.

Goosetard: Ok, I'll do my awesome 10 12 solo
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 28, 2009
The vehicle used by Pork Schotch's mother who is even more Scotchy than The Porky Scotcher himself. Goofy Granny and Scotchman Porky Workie take the old bag out in the chair which is normally kept in the half car but was taken out for comical photographs.
Mickus: The Scotchers just left in the half car, lets take some photos in the Scotchy Mother's Wheelchair.

Monkus: Ok. I'd love to meet the old hag, I hear it's even more scotchy than Fishy MacSwell.

Mickus: Really? Must be very Scotchy then!
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 27, 2009
Formerly Known as, Nogtard's Bog. The bog that belonged to Nogtard until it was put on the Maltby Lorry aside the Pork Scotch Cone. A day after the bog claimed residency of the lorry, a packet of ginger found its way into the bog. mmm, ginger.
Nogtard: Nickin me bog then?

Dad: It belongs to the heroes now. It's called the Maltby Bog.
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 27, 2009
Retarded spacker attacks that happen to certain epileptic geese when playing guitar solos. These fits include spinning on the floor, running in circles and excessive use of the powerslide. They happen mostly to Goosetard while playing the genius 10 12 solo.
Why is that strange goose running in circles?

Thats not a goose, it's Goosetard. Half goose, half retard, he's having one of those Goose Fits. Don't you think that solo looks hard?
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 29, 2009
A retarded epileptic goose that has the most spasticated fits while playing guitar in front of an audience. The fits occur mostly when he is playing his clever very own composed solo, 10 12. He dances around in the spotlight as if he's the leader of the band he's in. What a spacker!
Why is that boy spinning on the floor?

Thats Goosetard, he has to do that while he's playing his genius solo, 10 12.
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 28, 2009
Giant chocolate rice crispy cakes to commemorate the amazing height of Neil.
Dad: Lets make some Neil cakes, monk.

Flobbers: Ok. That guy's a bloody giant. It's a wonder he doesn't smash his head through the roof.

Dad: You've got that right, he's 5 feet 10 inches you know.

Flobbers: Whoooaaa!
by Ednatoast Jeeganflipperwick July 27, 2009
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