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61 definitions by Edna Sweetlove

full term: "mince pie" cockney rhyming slang for "eye"
I punched the fucker one in his fucking mince
by Edna Sweetlove September 27, 2006
A woman who attracts gay men
Liza Minelli is nearly as big a fagnet as her old Ma was!
by Edna Sweetlove October 05, 2006
anal intercourse specifically and also in a broader sense appreciation of the buttocks
I love bum fun both ways
by Edna Sweetlove November 05, 2006
(verb) to velcro: to mingle pubic areas together during lesbian sex;

(noun) velcro: the pubic hair

(abstract noun): the act of rubbing one velcro against another


velcro style
velcro sex
velcro meshing
velcro frotting
velcro fun

The two women gave each other a good old velcro up against the wall in the gay club.

The noise of intertwining velcro disturbed the sleepers in the next bed.

Her velcro was as crinkly as a Persian lamb coat.
by Edna Sweetlove October 01, 2006
A young pretty homosexual
Elton John is a total space boy
by Edna Sweetlove September 25, 2006
The hanging flap under the arm seen on older women
The old lady had bat wings you could have tied a knot in.
by Edna Sweetlove July 30, 2010
(noun) thief, mugger, robber (always a black person)
(verb) to go out stealing
Man, we was out tiefin' when de fuzz done catch us.
by Edna Sweetlove November 05, 2006