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A drug and booze filled part of Canada, mostly filled with arrogant people who consider them selves important to Canada. People in Western Canada complain about the East Coast of Canada, because the East Coast knows how to relax and have a good time, which puts a damper on people wanting to actually visit the West. Western Canada is filled with worthless Statues such as the worlds biggest perogie, dinosaur and beaver... in hopes to attract business to there towns. Western Canada also continues to pollute and kill our animals so that they can keep there precious oil sands.
Maritimer: What do you do for a living.
Arrogant Westerner: I work high up in an oil firm, how about you, suppose you fish, but are on unemployment right now.
Maritimer: Well actually I'm a CEO for the Scotia Bank in Halifax.

Western Canada: Arrogant, Alcoholic, Drug user, Unhappy, Thinks he/ she is important, hick, waste of space.
by Edmontonian321 January 23, 2011

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