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5 definitions by Edlim

1. A noob who screws up your Half-Life fun online , usually a little kid

2. A star in the Half-Life 2 mod movie 'SOFA KING'
Mingebag: LOLI broke your super awesome ultra mega fighting robot statue

Sofa King
Mingebag: I bought a sofa from Sofa King because I didn't know how to spawn one, ROFL
by Edlim August 13, 2006
84 61
When someone press's the pointless turbo button on a gamepad and the pause menu flickers on and off constantly
Screen flashes pause on and off

guy: Who the fucks got druggy mode on
by Edlim August 13, 2006
9 1
When someone screws you over for free food or similar. Like when someone poses as a fake health inspector for free food.
'Wait a minute, he didn't even have a licence'

by Edlim August 15, 2006
7 2
A pathetic attempt of swearing or insulting another person in defence or randomness
Guy1: Your so fat
Guy2: fuck shit
by Edlim August 13, 2006
8 22
1. An annoying ex-reality tv star that manged to get everywhere on TV

2. Someone who has only starred in one thing in thier misrable acting career and spend the remains of thier pay in beer then do drugs to get noticed or shag a famous person. Often sighted on Celebrity Big Brother because they couldn't pay thier rent and got thrown in for the money and expect fame.
1. 'Hello I'm Jade Goody (Z-list celebrity)from Big Brother 4 and I've made a new diet so give me money to pay for my one room flat'

2. (With drunken exspresion) 'I starred in Doctor who, I was the guy on the left, then I was a police officer in eastenders, do you remember?'
by Edlim August 13, 2006
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