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A symptom caused by over-exposure to anime. Often results in people dressing up as characters. (Not for Halloween, just for general life) Victims will also use random mispronounced Japanese words in conversation. They will eat sushi or noodles for every meal, have an unhealthy obsession with ninjas, draw pictures of characters, and will insist on asking you if you like certain animes. Answering 'No.' will most certainly result in being called 'a giant super-baka'. They often write stories featuring anime characters in oddly sexual situations. Some will cary around a notebook which they genuinely believe has the power to kill. (If this were true, there would be very little sufferers from Anime Poisoning. As they'd all be dead.)

Best prescribed treatment is to punch the affected person in the face. Repeat until cured or dead, whichever comes first.
The following examples are all real situations. They have happened before and most likely will happen again.

Anime Poisoned Girl: Look at me! I'm not sitting in a normal way! I must be L! That makes me super-kawaii!
Me: Please die.

Fat girl in store: They don't have any cosplay wigs. This sucks, let's go.
I laughed uncontrollably. Fortunately, I hid behind a book.

Overheard in internet café: Look, Suzie-chan! They got DeiSasu Yaoi on this site!
Someone else: Shut up.

Stranger at school: Hey! Do you like Naruto?!
Me: No. I don't even know you. Please fuck off.
Stranger: Wow, you must be such a baka. Naruto for the win! It's kakkoii.
Me: Ugh.

Anime Poisoning is a deadly disease. Stamp it out.
by EdiblePencil June 03, 2010
A style of typing used mostly by female chavs in the United Kingdom, Slutspeak can be found on social networking sites, in instant messaging conversations, and occasionally is even written on paper or walls. It looks somewhat unattractive.
Common features of this include:
1: Doubling up on vowels. Example: "ii lovee youu<3".
2: Deliberate misspellings: "hii babess yhuur so sexcee!"
3: Lack of proper punctuation. This can be seen above. The only punctuation used is an exclamation mark, and that is only used in situations which don't seem to require it.
4: Using MSN keyboard shortcuts in places where they won't display an emoticon: "omg ii luuuuve basshunter (8) now yhuur gone ii keep waiitin heeree by the phonee (8)"
The following is a sentence written entirely in Slutspeak.
"omg hiiiii ii lhuuuuve urban dictionariii its the bestoozz!! and speakiin of bestoozz shouts ouut to maii bestoo bexxah i luuuurve yhuu girl!!!! (8) shoppiiin on mondaii cant w8!!!! "
by EdiblePencil September 01, 2010
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