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Uncommonly used internet abbreviation of the words 'Fuck Off My Lawn', FOML has been used by various people, often in a string of related abbreviations such as:
Messenger conversation.

Bob: Your lawn looks shit.

Bill: FOML!
by Edgix September 01, 2008
Very uncommonly used abbreviation meaning "Fuck Off My Messenger", not to be onfused with FOML ("Fuck Off My Lawn"), it is definitely of internet-only usage.
Messenger conversation.

Bob: Dude, your pic looks like a granny's butt cheek.

Bill: FOMM you stupid n00b!
by Edgix September 01, 2008
Commonly used abbreviation meaning "Bitch Be Quiet". Other meanings have also been assigned to the same letter combination, however, these are of course wrong, as this usage is clearly the best and only possibly meaning for BBQ. (Not...)
Bob: You're so ugly, I hate the way your face just sits there on the front of your head...

Bill: Yeah? Well yours just sits there too, so BBQ!
by Edgix September 01, 2008
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