2 definitions by Edgar666

When during a drunken eating binge, the situation goes terribly awry...
Schultz,"Dude, what happened to your couch?"

Chris, "Sarah was all fucked and she had a Snackcident, she spilled chili all over the place..."

Schultz, "Damn! that blows, were you pissed?"

Chris, "Na, you know Sarah, she is very Snackcident prone.."
by Edgar666 November 23, 2009
Then singular version of Irish Sunglasses; aka, a drunken black eye; aka, the drunken pirate; aka, wedding night tattoo...
Erik, "Hey what happened to Sarah, she looks rough?"

Chris, "Yeah she spilled nail polish remover on my coffee table, so I gave her an Irish Monacle."
by Edgar666 November 13, 2009

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