18 definitions by Edgar Pruviance

1. A muffin
2. A muffin with anthropomorphic features
3. Half-human, half-muffin
1. Hungry? You want a glof?

2. Man, look, a glof! Is he talking to us?

3. That fat kid looks like a real glof.
by Edgar Pruviance May 28, 2009
Soft profanity used to emphasize an emotion, an impression. Mild version of french-canadian curse word tabarnak.
T'as un tabarnane de beau cabanon! (Your shed is darn nice!)

Il pleut en tabarnane. (It's raining a lot lol)
by Edgar Pruviance May 27, 2009
Acronym standing for "Rock et Belles Oreilles", a legendary french-canadian comedy group active from the 1980s up to the mid-1990s.
Wow, ta joke est de qualité RBO.
by Edgar Pruviance May 26, 2009

People who are not quite popular, nonetheless witty, funny, appreciable and psychologically fat.
Je l'apprécie Grégoire. C't'un vrai tas. (I appreciate Gregory. He's a genuine tas.)
by Edgar Pruviance May 26, 2009

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