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best pals for life basically your best friend but you call them your best pal.
your my bpfl, thats my bpfl, he's my bpfl, shes my bpfl
by Edgar Barrett August 31, 2007
its like pwnage but its like you do something funny hence the word lawlage
Edgar: yeah that fat fuck got me into trouble for speeding
Michelle: oh that sucks
Edgar: yeah but when i was driving back to my house he was driving behind me and i went like 5mph
Michelle: HA LAWLAGE!
by Edgar Barrett October 17, 2007
its like getting pwned. but getting lawled is when your like the butt of someones joke or you got pranked.
Edgar: michelle that guy is a stalker
Michelle: yeah i just ignored him
Edgar: ha he got lawled :)
by Edgar Barrett October 17, 2007

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