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1.A derogratory racial name for a male or female of European origin. 2. A rich, white out of touch business man usually inundated in a life of luxury. 3. An out of touch white man who feels that due to white priviledge he is above the law or better than others.
Get the fuck out of here! and take those two Pellys with you!

I am so sick of these Pelly-ass fools comin up in our communities.

You ain't nothin but a Pelly-ass pelly Whore!
by Edenrage December 06, 2007
1.-A derrogatory racial term for people of European origin.
Considered extremely offensive.
2. An arrogant, out of touch, universally despised white man- a rich white business man who looks down upon others.

"Get your ass out of here, and take those two Pellys with you!"

"You ain't nothin but a filthy Pelly whore!"

"There was a couple of Pelly's down at the spot last night, man we whipped some Pelly ass up in that piece"
by Edenrage November 20, 2007

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