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The quickest way to answer life's biggest question
God? Heaven? Hell? Reincarnation?
Unless my memories getting erased after, it's time to have suicide and find out!
by EdemaOmega September 10, 2005
This type of love does not seem to be mutual, and most people in a "loving couple" tend to discriminate against this, saying it is not a type of love at all. One-sided love commonly occurs when a relationship or marriage breaks, and one person moves on, while their spouse constantly thinks of them and attempts to win them back, often in vain.
See also: obsession
See also: infatuation
Consider: love triangle
John loves Jane. Jane loves John. Jane finds Jake. Jane now loves Jake. Jake loves Jane. John is sad, because he still loves Jane. John experiences one-sided love, even though Jane does not acknowledge that.
by EdemaOmega September 07, 2005
The abbreviation of godspeed you black emporer!, which is a post-rock band from Montreal, Quebec. Other abbreviations include: "gybe", "gy!be", or just "Godspeed".
Dude #1- Yo, I love long songs that make me want to rise up against my totalitarian/democratic government.
Dude #2- Have you listened to gybe! ?
by EdemaOmega September 07, 2005

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