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When a person decides to tell a love interest that they like them and get rejected, they become so depressed that instead of gaining weight they lose it.
(In honor of this kid who lost so much weight because he got rejected).
Pino: hey, have you noticed that Juan has lost a lot of weight?

Eddy: Oh, you didn't know? he suffered from Lance Syndrome. Some chick rejected him.
by Eddykid February 24, 2009
When you're about to go somewhere but then you stop to watch a movie on cable, even though you have that movie on DVD and can watch it anytime you want.
1st guy: Hey dude, let's go out to a club tonight

2nd guy: Ah, i wish i could but Spiderman 2 is on tonight and i want to watch it.

1st guy: Don't you have that movie on DVD though?

2nd guy: Yeah, but it's on tonight. I wanna watch it.

1st guy: Bro, You've got Shawshank Syndrome!!! oh and Spiderman Sucks
by Eddykid September 19, 2009
Yet another synonym for sparking a blunt, smoking a joint...etc
"Cause when I blast the herb, that's my word
I be slayin them fast, doing this that and the third"
-Nas, Halftime
by Eddykid September 10, 2009
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