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The art of masturbating whilst furiously running round hitting and kicking in a frenzied state in an attempt to destroy as much of the room you're in as possible
"Wow I just had a monster wank in my bedroom and chucked my computer through the window."

"Doctor, i've broken all my knuckles and cut my forehead."
"What were you doing?"
"Having a monster wank"
by Eddy The Hero July 21, 2008
Swirling a used condom around one's head in the style of a medievil mace before releasing it in the direction of the target
This knight was coming at me with his mace, so i wipped out my johnny and gave him my dirty mace
by Eddy The Hero July 21, 2008
A sexual manoeuvre preformed by inserting four fingers in a lady's arsehole and the thumb in her vagina and preceding to "clamp" the rectovaginal septum in the hand.
Gaz tried fisting his bird the other night but he couldn't fit his thumb in so he popped it in her clunge and gave her the clamp.

I was clamping a slag once and I got so excited my thumb broke through into her arse.
by Eddy the Hero April 25, 2011
Swirling a used condom around and releasing it at great speed towards someone. This creates a shooting star effect
I had a posh wank on the airplane and sent a shooting star down the aisle
by Eddy The Hero July 21, 2008
To propel a used condom towards someone or a group of people
I was misbehaving in PE so the teacher cannonballed me.
by Eddy The Hero July 21, 2008
A wedgie, but to a lady's front bottom
I just wendied Sandra

I just wendied a fat bitch
by Eddy the Hero March 27, 2009
A ginger person, specifically one who gets bullied due to the colour of their hair
Ha ha look at that Rozza, he's one of those ginger mutants.
by Eddy The Hero April 28, 2008
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